Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith, Firm Administrator

Patricia Smith has been in charge of all Administration for our firm for the last 10 years. Prior to working for RWC Patricia worked for Community Bible Church.

In her capacity as the Firm Administrator, she is responsible (with her staff of Sally and Tambry) for processing of all production from both the tax department and the audit department.

Patricia is also many times the voice of our firm. She has been presented with the “Customer Service” award, and she is considered by many of us to be the heart of our firm.

In other firms, I’ve noticed that you usually get one CPA and they manage all the accounts. With Randy Walker & Company, you get a dedicated team (2-3 at a time) working the day to day issues and when the reporting comes due Randy himself gets involved providing directions to us as a company to give insight and creativity in a complex setting.
Nathan Swaim, President, ANRC



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