Non-Profit Services

Audits for Non-Profit Organizations

We provide audit services to over 70 non-profit organizations throughout Texas.  We are currently providing audits to non-profit organizations in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Amarillo, El Paso, Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels and Seguin.

Additionally, we are affiliated with Gonzalez & Walker, CPAs, CPAs in Houston, where we provide audit services to another 20+ non-profit organizations.

Other Services We Provide to Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Reviewed Financial Statements – Some small non-profits do not want to pay the expense of an annual audit and, therefore, elect to get an audit every 3 years and a review in the years in between. A review consists of inquiry and analytical procedures, and it does not include confirmations or obtaining other 3rd party evidence.
  • Compiled Financial Statements – This is the lowest level of service. A compilation consists of taking the client’s information and preparing the financial statements in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) format.
  • Agreed Upon Procedures – Typically this includes a compiled financial statement and a report of the findings on specific processes. Most of our agreed upon procedures engagements include review and testing of internal control structures.
  • Tax Services – We prepare over 175 non-profit tax returns each year. We know the importance of the non-profit tax return to the Grantor, Foundation and Donor Community. All 501(c)(3) form 990s are posted to Guidestar and are available to the public. Non-profits need to make sure that their 990s are donor friendly.

Types of Non-Profit Entities Served

We provide audit, tax and consulting services to all types of non-profits including 501(c)2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 501(c)10s.

The specific types of non-profits include:

  • Churches
  • Religious Organizations
  • Associations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Regional Advisory Councils
  • Foundations
  • Healthcare Non-Profits

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