Robert Devlin, St. George Episcopal School

Randy Walker & Company provides a vital service to our community by conducting professional and thorough reviews of our financial activities. All work is conducted in a timely and professional manner, and the attention to detail and expert advice have helped us to continuously evaluate and improve our processes and reporting.

CeCe Givens, Buckner Fanning Christian School

They are a professional, experienced group that care about the customers they serve. They are very experienced in non-profit work.

Ann Stevens, BioMed, SA

We value Randy Walker’s insight and depth of understanding of non-profit organizations.

Scott Barr, Southwest Exteriors

We had a complex group of entities and contacted our attorney to assist us in optimizing our structure. He suggested that we include Randy Walker in the planning process due to his expertise and experience with 501(c)3’s.

Nathan Swaim, President, ANRC

In other firms, I’ve noticed that you usually get one CPA and they manage all the accounts. With Randy Walker & Company, you get a dedicated team (2-3 at a time) working the day to day issues and when the reporting comes due Randy himself gets involved providing directions to us as a company to give insight and creativity in a complex setting.

Employee Testimonial

‘Team’ is not just a word; it is the mind-set of the company. I feel that all employees, whether you are full-time, part-time, a manager, staff, or a professional you’re treated as an integral part of the company.

Employee Testimonial

Its wonderful to work for a company that recognizes the importance and value of family time. Thank goodness for flex-time!

Employee Testimonial

Presidents’ Club is an exciting motivator to work towards and look forward to each year. Every trip has been a blast.

Employee Testimonial

Not just a job, but an extended family.

Employee Testimonial

Love my co-workers!

Employee Testimonial

When you choose your work location, you’ve got to find the one that fits you. After many years of various accounting jobs, this great group of people is where I feel connected. This is my fit!

Jeff Gately

Needed a CPA to help me with tax guidance and issues when starting my business. I received great advice from top-notch CPAs.